Energy Optimization


Ølgod Elektro A/S has, as your partner, a desire to give you the best opportunities to reduce maintenance costs and minimize energy consumption. We are happy to offer you a review of your production equipment and give related recommendations. Below you will find a little information on our main suppliers for energy optimization.


Ceramic bearings and coated parts


Ceramicspeed is a Danish specialist, focused on bearings in all its forms. The bearings are build with ceramic balls instead of steel. The lifecycle is typically 4-8 times longer than a normal bearing, you also gain lower friction and less heat which reduces the total energy consumption.


Permanent magnet motors and drives

Nidec All for deams.Green_RGB

Nidec Leroy Somer is one of the leading permanent magnet motors producers. Their engine is IE4 class and has a torque curve that looks like DC motors. The energy consumption is significantly lower than both DC motors and AC motors. A typical pay back for a complete solution, is about 2 ,5 years.


Pneumatic or electrical products and Ioniser


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SMC Pneumatic, has a wide range of solutions to reduce static electricity, energy optimization and air consumption.


DC motors or convertible AC motor


ttAs the TT-Electric Danish distributor, we can usually deliver new DC motors within 2-3 weeks, in urgent cases within 24 hours. TT Electric also offers AC Square motor in building form, identical to the DC motors. This means that we do not have to make changes to the design of the production equipment at a replacement.



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